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Media Moves

Media Moves, a video made by the Graft & Glamour students for the BBC and the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan, was used by the BBC to promote opportunities in Media City for young people excluded from school. Media Moves launched on the Hollyoaks set in Liverpool and was distributed to all secondary schools in The Wigan and across other schools and colleges in Greater Manchester and the Northwest.

Gaining confidence

After Judy attended to one of our pilot projects, her mother commented:

“There have been changes in Judy since the project. She’s always been confident but now she seems more focussed on things – where she wants to go in life. We’ve got the email of an agent who deals with extras for Hollyoaks – she really wants to do that kind of work.”

Mother of Judy Loudon
Abraham Guest High School

Becoming more focussed

After students Britanny and Jade attended the pilot project:

“Britanny and Jade are so focussed this year and you wouldn’t believe the difference. Both girls are applying for Media City for when they leave and Brittany is delighted with the additional support you have given her via Hollyoaks, in fact she’ll be signing autographs before long!  Jade has grown in confidence and we are hoping that she will sing a solo at the leavers assembly this year, I know, amazing progress.  You did wonders.”

Karen Hindley,
Student Support Manager
Lowton High School